About the Event

The CEO Bike Build event will help “CEO participants” (leaders from the community – corporate, public and private sectors) experience first-hand the benefits of TRACTION programs in the community, while helping TRACTION continue to provide a safe, learning environment for its participants.

How your support makes a difference

Funds raised through the CEO Bike Build will help TRACTION reach more young people in need. TRACTION engages local communities and serves those most in need by providing a safe, inclusive, action-based environment where vulnerable youth build self-esteem, find a sense of belonging, discover their potential and create their own future.

The Process

As one part in a team of two, you will support a TRACTION graduate in assembling a bicycle within a 3-hour time frame. The TRACTION graduate will be your leader, guiding you through the process, and in doing so demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

You will help get the job done, and along the way share your experiences, build rapport and give the TRACTION graduate the opportunity to interact, possibly for the first time with an industry leader. ​

At the completion of the event, bikes will be donated to a community group in need.

To Enter

To REGISTER, CEO participants &/or the organisations they represent are expected to raise $5,000 for TRACTION, through personal fundraising, a corporate donation, or a combination of both.

Event date, details & venue

Date: Friday 10th September
Time: 9am – 1pm
Venue: Multi-User Terminal, End of Seafarers Street, Port of Brisbane